Building Brand Identity
And Refining the Logo Design process

Step One - Research

It always starts with a conversation. Our job is to take a message and translate that from English into a logo and design, so it's only natural that the first step is trying to understand and simplify that message. That means talking to you, your audience and testing the market to see where you fit in.

Step Two - Design

Your message now needs to be translated into design. Create. Test. Refine. Repeat. Because there's no set methodology in creative work, it takes dozens of drafts to produce an idea. Then this idea has to be tried on your ads, apps, products, papers, and everywhere else it might be seen. Coherence and consistency make the difference between logo design and brand identity work.

Step Three - Presentation

We don't present a logo design and brand identity concept unless we believe that it is the best solution that we can provide. I hope you weren't expecting just an email attachment. Presentations allow us to explain and demonstrate the ideas behind each concept, get feedback on where in the design process we might have gone wrong. Once we get it right, then great - this is where the real fun begins.

Step 4 - Implementation

Now you need to bring ideas to life. Your brand strategy is most effective when it's applied to everything that your audience sees, hears, feels and experiences. This means you should take great care in all digital, packaging, marketing and even written presentation. Innovative business always provides a new challenge in creative space and we love making things happen.