Picked Up

People are particular about their food, and when it comes to groceries, they want to be in control. MyOrchard is a grocery delivery startup that offers customers a unique service – get your groceries picked up from anywhere. Grocery customers want specific products from specific stores at the price listed – and that’s exactly what MyOrchard delivers.

We helped rename and rebrand the startup into PickedUp Groceries, which makes it clear what the service and delivers a fun engaging experience. The tagline “Done” combines with flat & clean design elements to remind customers how much simpler and easier it is to use the app than going shopping. We combined that with a vibrant colour palette to help build an engaging and fun experience that’s just as exciting as going pick out what you’d like to eat tonight.

Ibrahim Group Strategies

Ibrahim Group Strategies (IGS) is a media relations company specializing in modern social and web platforms. Embedding substance and value into each message that they deliver allows IGS be more effective at creating both presence and response.

The visual identity for IGS utilizes color and typography to balance the tone between established and energetic. The logo design is based on physical and natural growth patterns and symbolizes the significance of the point of inception of a given message and the overall strategy – measure twice, speak once. The color scheme pays respect to the relationship between the conceptual and physical, from blueprint to concrete.

Incisive Strategy

A new entrant in the business of public and government relations, Incisive Strategy looks to position itself in an industry with established giants. Emphasizing their advantage of creativity, passion and energy, Incisive Strategy invests itself into each problem and strives to provide creative and cutting edge solutions. The brand schema utilizes different shapes, each comprised of lines and circles – a visual interpretation of connectivity, structure and science. Manipulating these hubs and connectors into different symbols and icons gave test groups an impression of Incisive Strategy’s creativity and power of ideation. The logo, a bridge, is a symbol of access to new solutions, as well as structure, security and diligence in the work of reputation.

Link It Up

Surviving an incredibly saturated and competitive market for over 15 years, Link It Up presents the mobile consumer a unique value proposition – a relationship with their device. Offering services and products that others don’t, they needed an identity that would both stand out and appeal to a universal consumer base.

The inspiration behind the logo and brand narrative is a tribute to what devices are – a simple rectangular shape that we identify as a portal to endless possibilities. The brand was given sharp colors and strong fonts draw attention and stand out while remaining clear, neutral and adaptable.


Proficient in both understanding business needs and innovative development, Miracle sought to differentiate itself as a specialist in ERP solutions. They approached us for a visual presentation that matched their philosophy – providing streamlined solutions that are more personal, more customized and more automated than the larger consulting firms.

Sham Kitchens

Sham Kitchens is a development initiative created to utilize the talent available in our community and bring the most authentic middle eastern cuisine to Canada. By breaking down language and experience barriers they’re able to preserve authenticity and give back to the community they depend on. While there are many different projects they’re involved in, one idea is consistent: Sham doesn’t make food, they cultivate cuisine.

The logo design gets its shape from both cuisine cutlery and the first two Arabic letters of the words “Sham” and “Kitchen” (mutbakh sham).  A deep red is adopted from the use of clay, copper and red ceramic in traditional Arabic dishes. The shapes in the logo are then manipulated into many different illustrations to show off the adaptability of this organization that is constantly engaged in new projects.


Knurling is a supplier of dental equipment, supplies and instruments aiming to provide convenient access to practitioners in need of a reliable source of quality precision tools. Needing an identity that they could build on, they engaged oneblueshirt to create a name and logo that reflected their value proposition but wasn’t specific to the dental or medical industry.

The name ‘knurling’ describes the manufacturing process of embedding a pattern into a metal to create grip – an apt metaphor for the company’s values of precision, control and trust. Knurling’s visual identity is inspired by the nature of their merchandise utilizing different patterns and colors to create a focused and organized presentation for the busy but educated consumer. Combining the concept with premium print and branding materials is a reinforces the standard of quality of Knurling’s product selection.


Gameday. Butterflies. Lights on, crowd roaring. It’s the feeling that only happens before kickoff – unmistakably recognized by the players and fans alike. Mesmerise the crowd, mesmerise yourself, and reach a place you’ve never been before – but feels like exactly home. Allow yourself to experience something special.

SMX2 is a special membership program introduced by Soccer Maxx, a specialty sports retailer pushing both player equipment and fan apparel. The client needed something that felt premium, but also delivered excitement and connected with adolescents.

Visual elements are inspired by the look and feel of Old Trafford and San Siro stadiums at night, with the unmistakable mixture of fluorescent light and dark concrete reminiscent of the occasion.


Curis Tek is a different technology startup that aims to change the way patients interact with healthcare professionals. Curis founders understand the market and clear vision of the future of healthcare and differentiate themselves by creating tools that are user centric. The goal for Curis is to go beyond just creating tools that remove the complexity of clinic interaction and replace the entire experience with one that is attractive, intuitive, and enjoyable.

The visual identity of the organization needs to reflect the organization’s key service offering: simplicity. To accomplish this, the design employs a Helvetica Neue Thin font and maximizes white space. The logo, a hand drawn version of a natural heart reflects the more relatable experience of Curis products. The logo utilizes five different colors, to reflect the organization’s dynamism in industry and services.