Alfan is a Multi Channel Network based in Canada with clients all over the Middle East and Asia, primarily offering Channel Management for Youtubers and Influencer Marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world. Managing over 1200 channels and counting, the group is active in multitudinous countries, languages and generations. Creating an identity that was neutral enough to appeal in every different environment and exciting enough to appeal to both content makers and brands was a major challenge.

The narrative of the brand, however, was built from exactly that – breaking barriers and bridges gaps across continents, languages, and ideologies. The logo was given a touch up for a cleaner more neutral appearance, but also made it more recognizable across different applications. The graphical elements are all minimal, a horizontal bar or ‘crossout’ and the bright red are consistent across all artwork and branding elements, the sole purpose of which is to reinforce identification. Each page or slide is designed as an independent piece with minimal text, large images and an emphasis on communicating the desired idea as efficiently as possible.

Client: Alfan Group
Date: December 1, 2018
Services: Brand Identity