Haroon Accounting Services

"unleash your growth"

Accounting is boring, there’s no way around that fact. Dealing with a trusted advisor, who can help you get your business where you want it on the other hand, can be exciting. Haroon Accounting primarily deals with small to medium size businesses with little to no technical knowledge in financial matters, and prefer to build personal relationships. Too often they’ve established a great business model, but have had costs and taxes catch up with them. The tagline and logo for Haroon Accounting were designed to make the value proposition as obvious as possible – we can help you reestablish the momentum you once had.
If your business succeeds because of your excellence in customer service, you need to bring that message to the forefront of your brand. An illustration style was developed here to break up the technical jargon can create an approachability and entertaining channel to capture attention first, before trying to get different messages across.

Speaking to their end-goals, advertising copy was focused on a simple message: “What does this service mean to me?” – because these customers aren’t well versed in the jargon, speaking them means talking about results. Re-utilizing branding documents as advertising channels meant that different services are constantly in the face of clients. If you’re having problems with tracking receipts and outgoing payments, you’re probably having trouble with payroll as well.

Client: Haroon Accounting
Date: October 30, 2018
Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Advertising Strategy