Hewitt Law

"Stay Ahead"

At the offices of Hewitt Law, every case file is always open. While most entities tend to engage legal counsel once they have a problem, at that point it often becomes a case of damage limitation. Hewitt has a continuous case review process that results in foreseeing potential problems or even potential opportunities down the road. Stay Ahead of the Curve, or Stay Ahead of the Competition.

The logo, a derivative of caution road sign, helps communicate the main value of Hewitt Law. The type and visuals are designed to communicate that this is a professional and established law firm, but the use of color and graphics is employed to curb the intimidation factor that comes alongside that and create a balance between the two ideas. Because Hewitt Law is always current with legal matters, an advertising strategy was built around an inbound marketing plan, releasing news, analysis and publications to remind clients how to Stay Ahead.

Client: Hewitt Law
Date: August 30, 2018
Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Advertising