The Institute for Religious and Socio-Political Studies is a think tank on religious, social and political issues in North America, created to “fill the void” or create a discourse between political, social and religious entities across the United States and Canada. The Institute approached us to create a visual presentation that would make readers feel that the content was both professional and credible, and most importantly independent.

This identity has two standout components, the color and the logo. The logo was chosen after testing with audiences gave the desired impressions of “broken” and “dialogue”. The inside of the logo was intentionally left empty to create a slight unease or imbalance symbolizing the void. The color was made into a tool to establish moment in recognition for the think tank, as the vibrant pink both stands out from other publications and is instantly noticeable. More importantly, because there are so many different political, religious, national and social entities involved in the landscape, this choice would appear independent more often than not.

Client: IRSS
Website: i-rss.org
Date: June 13, 2018
Services: Brand Identity, Logo Design