QED Foundation

Al- Qazzaz foundation for education and development is a project driven organization that promotes democracy through education. The founders work closely with families who have suffered from oppression, conflict and other hardships to create projects that identify and meet their needs. Al-Qazzaz foundation (Q-ED) excels at developing online accessible tools to serve its target users.

This logo is based on a fractal pattern phenomenon prevalent in many forms of nature (trees, leaves, rivers, blood vessels) that is effective at spreading value to a large area. This metaphor reflects the work that the organization does and its innovation in reaching its target users. The shape is also reused in many different branding elements to emphasize the idea. The identity attempts to reflect the Q-ED’s utilization of technology with an electronic blue, a Roboto font and an almost 8-bit style logo. Secondary colors and additional imagery are used produce a more optimistic design also representing growth and value.

Client: Al-Qazzaz Foundation for Education and Development
Website: q-ed.org
Date: October 27, 2016
Services: Logo Design, Brand Identity