Sham Kitchens

cultivating cuisine

Sham Kitchens is a development initiative created to utilize the talent available in our community and bring the most authentic middle eastern cuisine to Canada. By breaking down language and experience barriers they’re able to preserve authenticity and give back to the community they depend on. While there are many different projects they’re involved in, one idea is consistent: Sham doesn’t make food, they cultivate cuisine.

The logo design gets its shape from both cuisine cutlery and the first two Arabic letters of the words “Sham” and “Kitchen” (mutbakh sham).  A deep red is adopted from the use of clay, copper and red ceramic in traditional Arabic dishes. The shapes in the logo are then manipulated into many different illustrations to show off the adaptability of this organization that is constantly engaged in new projects.

Client: Sham Kitchens
Date: May 30, 2016
Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Advertising Strategy