Sharpify Sales

Sharpify offers Sales Consulting and Training that goes beyond short term results – they offer long term relationships with proven results both today and tomorrow. Experts in the technology industry, they offer complete plans that align sales tactics to the vision of the company. They don’t just offer support; they offer control to direct the future of the business. If company leadership can control sales, they can control anything.

Sharpify’s logo is a minimal dial or knob lifted from a dashboard. This adds a technological touch to it, but more importantly allows the educational and planning materials of Shapify to have an integrated visual feeling. Immediate feedback is that the dial gives a feeling of control, precision or tactile feedback. The type, color and illustration style were designed to stand out from the typical aggressive and sleek visuals of high-pressure masculine sales and create a momentum break “hey this is different, what is this” moment. The advertising strategy builds on that idea by having one object in an abundance of space – “let’s get rid of the clutter, sales should be simple”. The elements combine strategically into key messages around focus and control.

Client: Sharpify Sales Solutions
Date: November 28, 2017
Services: Logo Design, Brand Identity