(Sometimes) Never Ask for Advice

In my field of business, I have the privilege of being able to talk to decision makers on a regular basis. While observing, I take note that there is an immense variety in the way that each one of them makes decisions. Some are dictators,...

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Miscommunication design

Do designers speak English? (and other myths)

Okay, here’s the problem.   As an eager to please designer, I’ve worked hard on a concept that feels like everything the client has described to me. I have a good understanding of the target consumer, value proposition, core message and a visual design to match. But...

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Different your personal brand from your business

So you think you own a business

If you’re running a service business, here’s the problem.   People come to you for your specific consulting service and they know you, they trust you, they love you and all as well. It doesn’t sound like a problem, but at this point you can’t claim to...

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Two guys working on branding

Thinking inside the box is important too

In an ideal world, a CEO well versed in the organization's operations from top to bottom has the skills and know-how to produce a logo and brand that perfectly represent the business, reflect ideals and attract the best customers. Until this becomes a reality, we,...

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