How to craft the perception you want for your brand by adjusting fine details.

Design, by its nature, doesn’t really have any rules. If it did, designers would break them, trying to be creative. It’s in our nature to always question what should be done, what can be done and how it can be done. Also, aesthetics are incredibly relative, so not a lot of design rules really stand the test of experimentation or the test of time.

The only thing that matters, to us as designers, is how is the person who sees this going to react? What are they going to see, what are they going to feel? Kurt Koffka, a Gestalt psychologist, studied visual cognition and came up with a few principles to try to understand how people see things.

To me, these principles are really the only universal aspect of design – not really rules as what you should or shouldn’t do, just a way to understand how people will react to what you create.