oneblueshirt is a Branding & Design Agency that helps innovators brand their ideas in ways that are unexpected yet intuitive. Also, we make things pretty.

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Brand Strategy, Design & Naming

It’s like a new suit, but for your business.

Advertising Campaigns

Capture your customer’s imagination.

Create a whole lot of excitement all at once.

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Print, Web, Packaging, Video, Photography

For when your presentation needs to go up a notch. 

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Customers interact with your brand in so many different ways and our job is to craft every word, every visual element, and every action that your business takes in order to build the relationship that customers have with your brand. A branding agency helps build a strategy around your brand identity, advertising, website, and content to deliver a consistent experience. This means everything from your name & logo design to videos & packaging need to make it absolutely clear how valuable your business is to potential clients.

There’s a lot of overlap, but simply put, branding is a long-term investment. Building a brand means thinking very long term and always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Marketing agencies are great at working on tried and tested methodologies to get a customer, today. Hire a marketing agency if you want to expand your reach, hire a branding agency if you want to make a lasting impression.

Building an effective brand strategy around an organization can help you control the way you’re seen by customers, clients and more. If you want to create a connection with your customer or client that goes beyond products or services, a creative agency can help you do that.

We design websites, apps, and anything with an interface. If it’s an essential part of your brand, we need to make sure that it carries the same powerful message that the rest of your identity carries. We prefer to partner with development agencies for more advanced web solutions.

To create powerful creative work we use research in culture, industry, and experiences in order to understand the people we target, the products they need, and the services we promote. We work closely with clients to develop and improve our brand strategy and push forward the effectiveness of everything we deliver.