CloudAI Solutions

"possible is here"

The cutting edge is forever a moving target – and it takes a genuine passion and desire to keep offering it to your clients. CloudAI Solutions is a technology consulting firm that builds advanced automation and data analytics using the latest AI and ML platforms. We looked at targeting everyday business decision makers and creating an image to prove to them that this technology can be made to work for anyone. Automating business decisions is a bold step for companies, but an incredible leap forward in staying competitive. Not only do you need expertise to be able to apply it, but you need incredible drive to be able to keep up with it.

The tagline ‘possible is here’ is a clear statement to value proposition and communicates that CloudAI’s capabilities and is targeting business leaders who are willing to take the leap to gain an edge. The logo style and color scheme are derivatives the of P1 phosphor screen of the 1980’s, with the use of “text selection” or text carat (cursors) to provide a really unique way to express this organization’s roots in technology. Individual patterns are uses to express different services and concepts – a simple way of demonstrating the core service offering of data analytics.

Client: CloudAI Solutions
Date: February 28, 2019
Services: Logo Design, Brand Identity