Picked Up


People are particular about their food, and when it comes to groceries, they want to be in control. MyOrchard is a grocery delivery startup that offers customers a unique service – get your groceries picked up from anywhere. Grocery customers want specific products from specific stores at the price listed – and that’s exactly what MyOrchard delivers.

We helped rename and rebrand the startup into PickedUp Groceries, which makes it clear what the service and delivers a fun engaging experience. The tagline “Done” combines with flat & clean design elements to remind customers how much simpler and easier it is to use the app than going shopping. We combined that with a vibrant colour palette to help build an engaging and fun experience that’s just as exciting as going pick out what you’d like to eat tonight.

Client: MyOrchard Groceries
Website: myorchard.ca
Date: January 30, 2020
Services: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Advertising Strategy