Insights on Design, Branding, Naming. Discussing trends in the marketing space and how it applies to leadership and culture within a company.

How to Name Your Business

“Wow, it’s actually pretty hard to come up with a name” What’s a good name and what’s a bad name for a business? You shouldn’t

Creating Illusions in Branding

How to craft the perception you want for your brand by adjusting fine details. Design, by its nature, doesn’t really have any rules. If it

But it’s just two circles

But it’s just two circles. That’s the new logo? It’s just a simple shape – my toddler could draw that. When Target rolled out it’s

(Sometimes) Never Ask for Advice

In my field of business, I have the privilege of being able to talk to decision makers on a regular basis. While observing, I take

So you think you own a business

If you’re offering a service, here’s the problem. People come to you for your specific consulting service and they know you, they trust you, they